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Please join us for a new offerings:   A new spring/summer session in all yoga classes focused on the Embodiment of True Peace. You’re welcome to join in at any time! Please read on for detailed information.




You are so warmly invited to join us! Embodying True Peace will be our focus in all of our yoga classes in these next 4 months. You’re welcome to look at the yoga schedule to see which classes could serve you best.  Please read on and write to me to register for classes, and with any questions: jennifer (dhyana) seaofsadhana@gmail.comIf you are new to my classes, please enjoy your first month of unlimited classes for $30. Drop-ins are always welcome.

 True Peace, a peace that lives in us…our first and truest response even when we are most challenged.

In these 16 weeks we’re going to explore practices that help us to focus directly on rooting a peaceful quality, while fully engaging our yoga practice that naturally builds health along the way.

 The EMBODIMENT OF PEACE has many elements:

The Foundational Practices of  SAMADHI – The SKILLS of Gathering-In…Gathering In the self toward a Centered Steadiness. Samadhi is when the animating forces of Being: body, heart, brain, spirit – become infused with awareness, and united in the present moment. Present moment unity of the self awakens wisdom and deepens health.

HEART STRENGTHENING TONGLEN Practice, our Bodhicitta, heart warrior practice, which is the practice that creates a vibrant, responsive heart. Tonglen is a profoundly essential and effective practice for strengthening our emotional capacity, individually and in community.

MINDFULNESS and MEDITATION practices and Communication practice points of NonViolent Communication (NVC) – Mindfulness is a beautifully informed way to live each day. Meditativeness strengthens our mental abilities. And NVC illuminates and aligns our communication with our desired outcomes and our intentions. 

PEACEFUL FUNCTIONAL BODY ALIGNMENT practice for wonderful health…for structural energetics, upright bone buoyancy, strengthening joints, full range of motion, flexibility, and awareness that uplifts, balances, and creates peaceful stability and mobility.

FELDENKRAIS somatic practices for improving everyday living and movement patterns. Feldenkrais is particular work, that slows down and heightens the inner seeing. Body awareness grown brighter.

BREATHWORK that energizes, centers, strengthens respiratory health, core strength, and stabilizes the nervous system.

‘To be aware of my deepest intent, this is wisdom.’  

Embodied peace building, for us as individuals and in community, is a strong response to the pain of this world, and an empowered response for positive action.


Cost of session…here’s a thoughtful dynamic that may be helpful:

If you are wanting to sign up for the entire session, please choose an amount per class that fits peacefully into your budget, ($12-$20 per class is just a suggestion, if it helps) multiply by 16, and send it through check, cash, or venmo. Try for the whole session if you can! If you know you can’t, then you’re welcome to make a commitment to any number of weeks.

You are invited to commit financially ahead of time to support your training, to support growth and to create follow-through. It’s beneficial to enter into a commitment for yourself where-in, over time, you experience shifts that you are seeking and feel your agency for directing the flow of your personal power toward peaceful embodiment. Through steady practice so much becomes available to us that sporadic practice does not impart.

You also will be supporting the work, so that even if you can’t make a session, the work continues, and because you can double up one week if you miss a week, you can support your investment in yourself as well.

You can see more care about paying for classes, here.

If you are new to my classes, please enjoy your first month of unlimited classes for $30

For any questions or to register, please write to