Jennifer Dhyana, Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor, has been practicing yoga for 35 years and teaching locally for 30 years. She’s taught yoga and meditation to all ages and is trained in Yoga of many kinds, including: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kripalu, Taoist, Prana, Prenatal Yoga, and Kundalini. She is trained in 5 Element Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, NonViolent Communication (NVC), Vocal Instruction, Emotional Release and Embodied Trauma Release, and is a Reiki Master. She teaches large and small classes and offers private sessions.

Jennifer loves to be a student of life.
She has especially focused on the disciplines of psychology, optimal wellness, meditation, mind-body practices, motherhood, contact improvisation, community health, dance, authentic movement, intuitive living, singing, sound healing, trauma recovery, energetic healing practices, herbalism, organic gardening, wild edibles, wilderness exploration,  cooking with the seasons, and regenerative earth practices for protecting and healing our ecosystems. She is grateful for the learning opportunities of each day, and to live a life of embodied Love.

She delights in form and in formlessness,
in the eternal qualities of the now, in the mysteries of being
fully alive
and in the constant opportunity to honor the heart in every encounter.