Meditative Practices of body, brain, heart, and spirit, for living this precious life kindly, peacefully, beautifully.  

Based in Chaplin and Storrs, CT and online.



Welcome to a LEARNING JOURNEY for the SPRING AND SUMMER of 2024. Please join in at any time! This Learning Journey will be focused on the EMBODIMENT OF PEACE in our daily living with self, and Earth, and in all relationships through the practice of YOGA with… 


PEACEFUL FUNCTIONAL BODY ALIGNMENT practice for structural energetics, upright bone buoyancy, strengthening joints, full range of motion, flexibility, and proprioceptive awareness that uplifts, balances, and grounds, 

FELDENKRAIS somatic practices for improving everyday living movement patterns that bring your intentions into increased embodied awareness,

BREATHWORK that energizes, centers, strengthens your respiratory health, and stabilizes your nervous system

HEART STRENGTHENING TONGLEN practice, which is the practice of tuning into the Heart of the Heart – the Love that never dies, a practice of the Utmost Compassion for strengthening emotional presence and capacity – and  

The Foundational Practices of  SAMADHI – Building the SKILLS of Gathering-In. Gathering In the self toward a Centered Steadiness no matter what. 

All of these practices and skills work together toward 

Living Wisdom. 


We need a world of wise practitioners of EMBODIED PEACE.  

Skill building takes PRACTICE and TRAINING. A FOCUSED TIME of training is necessary to create CHOSEN CHANGE, toward our individual and collective maturity and peaceful embodiment in all circumstances. And toward WISE Living for the future of this planet, and the children and grandchildren of this BEAUTIFUL WORLD. 

In these practices we explore our COMMITMENT TO PEACE in a complex world. We do this exploration peacefully, with Love, and deep compassion, that strengthens understanding, so that our actions become more accurately aligned with the vitality that conscious commitment can bring.

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Breath of Being
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