Patterns of

Serenity is a practice.  Health is a daily practice 

of serenity and vitality,

 in sweet togetherness.

Mindful living practices uplift and create steadiness and endurance for living 

a beautiful life.

How to embrace and create a beautiful life that honors the deep fulfillment available to us in our everyday living, is the call of our hearts for many of us.  Living these moments we are given with presence and grace, rooted in peaceful substantial kindness is the life-long work and gift of growth and maturation and requires a large skill set that can be quite individual. Within each person there are worlds of experiences, beliefs and body responses.  There are many avenues toward healing and living fully the ever-changing stages of life, to redirecting the course of health, and thoughtfully, intuitively setting the stage for new growth and true wellbeing.  Wellbeing that fills us up and then reaches out and touches those around us with care and real connection. 

In private sessions for WellBeing of individuals or small groupsI delight in practices that empower each of us to create our wellbeing individually and in community, and the building of skills for creating rooted health, peaceful mind, and a heart of wisdom day by day.  

Toward these aims I offer…

yogic therapeutic techniques, practices, intensives, and training -both strong and subtle – postural work and breathwork, along with health building conversation for working with your personal complex systems of Being, as well as seeing you in the complex dynamics of your world and the shared systems dynamics of our culture and planet, 

deep listening, and a careful honoring of your own pace and needs – toward building bodymind strength, balance and flexibility, ease in your own skin, a growing peace with oneself… practices for discovering your path of wellbeing in the midst of injuries and illness… and working with the emotions, pain, and energies of stress and trauma such as anxiety, grief, depression, anger, PTSD… 

while also building regenerative resiliency.

I offer careful construction of a Home Yoga Practice tailored to you, that feeds your body and soul and brings structure and support to daily living, 

I offer Qi Healing, Reiki, Reiki Training, Qi Gong, and Body-Mind-Heart Therapeutic sessions of movement, somatic freedom, joint freedom, emotional release, voice liberation, meditation techniques, breathwork, sense meditations, deep relaxation techniques, psychological flexibility practices, earth engagement practices of plant/tree/water connection, sound and art therapeutic practices… 

Many private sessions are a combination of practices much needed for supporting a life of fulfillment and contentment, even amidst the hard stuff. 

I offer Zen and Taoist practices, Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies of health and wellness for mind and body in the form of study and practices for personal growth, dance meditations, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, energy work, meditations in handiwork for creativity and mental health, 

seasonal natural, earth centered, meditative food/spice/herbal preservation and preparation practices and skills for being nurtured by our everyday need for sustenance, and engaging with the plant world in exploration and discovery of the healing/health making qualities of food and plants – a deep and reverent walk with earth that while supporting our own health, supports the health of our planet.

I offer contemplation practices, NonViolent Communication Training, facilitation for just community conversation for what is meaningful and purposeful for group and community health, knowledge exploration practices for mind/spirit/heart/body, compassion meditations, contentment practices…

All practices are trauma informed, as I find so many of us have been subject to trauma, and our world is experiencing so much collective trauma, that the trauma informed lens for living gently, with internal strength, and deep care is essential to health. 

There are so many ways into the wellbeing…


We are interwoven beings.  Mental health affects organ systems. Emotions rise from thoughts as well as events, beliefs around those events, and the energetics of history, both personal and communal. Thoughts and emotions affect the body, stress levels, organ system communication and function, capacity for pleasure, and connection to life.  Strength and coordination are hindered or enhanced by our lifestyles and our views of ourselves. Habits of thought and movement affect energy levels, body systems, posture, pain areas and long term health.

We each have the ability to profoundly alter our own health and life path through a strong degree of awareness of and commitment to our needs, and through effectively interpreting the messages we receive from our own body and from Life. By actively engaging in the practices that create resilience and responsiveness, and by building personal connectedness, we open ourselves to feeling inspiration, insight, and excitement for living, and find the courage and grace to work with our more difficult, yet truly important and informative, emotions and circumstance.

All these aspects of being are felt as ease or dis-ease in the body.  

Private sessions give us a window of understanding and time to focus solely on you and how your life is traveling in and through you at this time. Whether you’re working with a specific ailment, or a general need to increase your energy and good health, lift your emotional body or clear and re-train your mental experience, I will offer to you the best of what I know so far in this vast and growing study of body, mind, and essence.  


A private session can include one avenue of healing, or several modalities combined, according to what you wish and need. Combining energy work with physical practices and deep listening, Life conversation, and with the intention attuned to your best health and happiness is wonderfully effective.

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