Online Live-Streaming Classes on Zoom

Online Live-Streaming Yoga Classes are a beautiful way to reach out of your home space into community with friends, family and your digital neighbors in order to share the experience of togetherness, or to simply enjoy a class in your home.

Right now ALL classes that become IN-PERSON will also be live-streamed on zoom.

At the beginning of class, the first 10 minutes or so before we begin and the first few minutes of class, we’ll be able to see and hear each other if you wish to do that. We can say hello and greet each other (“yay!, oh so good to see you! how are you my friend??” “you look amaaaazing!”) .

You can also let me know if there’s some part of your body that needs special attention and I can bring those needs into our class, or you can write it to me on the platform of zoom in a little chat box. awesome. You can opt out of people seeing and hearing you by muting your audio or turning your video off from your end and be in the privacy of your home (in your jammies or whatnot 🙂 ) while seeing and hearing the class. Then during class, I’ll put everyone’s audio on ‘mute’ from my end, so that the sounds of your house will not be heard by others and you can delve into focus and concentration in your practice. And then, at the end of class, I’ll open up the audio from my end again, so that we can share a moment of kindness and appreciation before we say goodbye. And you can offer feedback as well, so that classes can be tailored to your needs, and we can adjust the technology for a better connection. Or you can just end your class in the quiet of your own space. You can do what you wish, each day being it’s own.

Yoga Class Schedule:

(this schedule is subject to alteration as we’re all just figuring out this time..fumbling about..and doing out best to care for each other and this beautiful life, amidst even more uncertainty, it seems, than usual. Or at least the uncertainty is in high relief, and so in our practice we rely on the ways of gratitude, guided by kindness and a growing wisdom for living in love.)


Mondays 11am-12pmGentle Beginner’s Yoga – a practice of full body circulation, joint care, balance, internal organ system balancing, flexibility, range of motion, deep relaxation, stress release, strengthening and rejuvenation. Please have a chair and a yoga mat for class, a pillow or two, a cozy blanket. (all poses in this class are either in a chair, standing, or lying down on your back)

Tuesdays 5pm-6pm Therapeutic Full Body Yoga – a practice for tender, detailed care of body, mind, and emotions. Therapeutically ease stress out of your body, work points of alignment, and calm your mind while strengthening, finding your flexibility, learning to breathe fully into deeper embodiment, and discovering your body-ease and serenity again and again.

Tuesdays 6:30pm-8pm Full Body Immune Building, Meditative Moderate Level Yoga – a practice that emphasizes various parts of the body each week. Every class is different. This is a more vigorous class offering, with options to deepen and to ease off, with loving care! in deep concentration and detailed attention, always bringing you back to your center and core groundedness.

Thursdays 4-5pm Wonderfully Gentle Rejuvenating Yoga – the gentlest practice option of these classes here. Yoga for deep health through meditative, slow movement, rejuvenating relaxation, breath work, visualizations, immune strengthening self massage and movements, tension release, and present moment mental focus. In this class you’ll be lying on your back for the hour.

Fridays 8:30-10am Yoga for Immunity and Respiratory Health, Meditative Moderate Level Prana Yoga – with options to deepen or go easier. This practice will be focused on full body health for immunity and respiratory strength, in a strong yoga practice of alignment, bio-energetics, mental focus, balance, strength building, flexibility, and serenity. We will use bandhas, drishtis, and breath practices to harness your energies into present moment focus, while listening deeply to your body voice as we train the body for postural alignment and beautiful living.

Zoom Link for all classes:


 jennifer at Thank you!!


Simply ‘join’ the zoom meeting a few minutes before your schedule class time.

Contribution for Classes:

If you’ve lost work right now or have other circumstances that keep you from contributing to your class, please take classes for free!

If you are able, suggested contribution for a class is $8-15 per class. You can pay for class through VENMO:

Jennifer’s VENMO is @jennifer-nucci

You can always send a check for one class or a number of classes if you prefer. Please write to me at for further information 🙂 Thank you!

I SO look forward to seeing you!! and sharing our yoga practice together.

deep breath of peace